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Target Helix Personas on these media platforms.

near is a leading location intelligence company that leverages historical location and context to power data driven marketing for advertisers.


oOh!media and Helix allows media agencies and brand advertisers to identify the optimal Out of Home locations and creative strategies to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.


big mobile partner

Target Helix Personas in Big Mobile's PROFILE+ audience profiling platform. Agencies and direct advertisers can leverage their audience targeting within the mobile advertising ecosystem.


Eyeota's Audience Data Marketplace has over 2 million unique users in New Zealand. Eyeota clients can now target Helix Personas on the top 50 media buying platforms and major trading desks partners.

EquifaxEquifax is a global information solutions company and the leading provider of credit information and analysis in Australian and New Zealand.

The behaviour and attitude rich data of Helix Personas enables PMP Limited to connect retail brands to consumers with greater insight and accuracy than ever before.


When combining Yahoo's online data with Helix Personas, Yahoo Data Sciences can turn data into the smartest audience connections reaching the right audience at the right time


Critchlow offers advanced spatial analytics with Helix Personas for catchment profiling, drive time analysis, local area marketing and site store planning enabling you to find and target the most profitable customers


Datamine works with businesses to implement smart, data-driven business strategies. They are predictive analytics specialists. Helix Personas provides Datamine with a unique psychographic lens to analyse customers.


Qrious, in partnership with Helix Personas, helps Kiwi businesses optimise performance by helping them make better decisions by delivering actionable insights gained through intelligent analysis of information.


retail oasis partner

Retail Oasis uses Helix Personas to help retailers grow and sustain their business by better understanding their customers to make judgments that lead to better business outcomes.

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