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300 Today's Families

301 Rural Realists

Young families living in a separate house predominantly in rural areas

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Young families living in a separate house in rural areas.  Generally renting and enjoy entertaining.

301 Rural Realists

Young families living in a separate house predominantly in rural areas

  • Population26K
  • % of Population0.7%
  • Household Income$105K

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Rural Realists live up to their name. Employed in industries like agricultural, forestry and community services, they hold responsible roles and earn decent money — but still find time for fun. Mainly young and mid-life families living in large regional centres and country towns. They’re sociable, active and always busy.

Walk with Me

Living in Tuatapere can be hard sometimes. It’s not exactly the most convenient location in New Zealand! Most of the blokes around here are fellow farm owners, or farm workers renting nearby. I took over running the farm after my parents retired a few years ago; it’s hard work and things can get overloaded at times. Because Maria works too, we pay for our three-year-old daughter Lucy to go to child day-care.

Though I’ve got my hands full running the farm, it’s not the kind of job that keeps me awake at night, if you know what I mean. I earn enough to live a comfortable life, but that doesn’t mean I can slack off anytime soon. One of my main pastimes is coming up with home improvement ideas, a bit of renovation here and there, installing my own insulation — that kind of stuff.

Living in a small-ish community has its perks. Everyone knows everyone, and going down to the local pub for a drink is always a nice way to unwind after a hard week: catch up with mates, play some pokies, root for the Highlanders, you get the picture. Plus there’s the Fiordland National Park: we go camping there sometimes.  We’re planning to drive to Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track for our next holiday – who needs overseas when we’ve got such amazing attractions down the road? Yeah, it’s all good.

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