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100 Leading Lifestyles

106 Worldly and Wise

Young optimistic families living in inner city, highly educated and highly paid.

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Well educated, inner suburb, older households, typically live in an expensive separate house which they own.

106 Worldly and Wise

Young optimistic families living in inner city, highly educated and highly paid.

  • Population81K
  • % of Population2.2%
  • Household Income$115K

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Socially conscious, charitable, curious and multicultural, Worldly and Wise would rather travel than work. After a day in the CBD office and a bus or train home, these well-educated managerial and administrative executives kick off their shiny shoes and shrug off the work day with an imported beer. They are not tied to or defined by their careers, but instead work hard to afford a superior lifestyle after-hours.

Walk with Me

It’s good being in a position where I know I’ve worked hard enough to be able to take off time every year for a couple of overseas trips. After all, we’ve earned it! To be honest, we haven’t ever allowed work get in the way of lifestyle.

Over the years, I reckon we’ve knocked off just about every country in Europe—we even took a detour a few years back just to drive through Andorra. Had lunch, kept going. In the last few years my wife Margaret, my kids and I have been doing a lot of shorter trips to Asia. Now that we’ve got little ones running around we can’t exactly take those two-month holidays to lounge around the Amalfi Coast — I doubt the newlyweds and older retirees would appreciate the noise! And besides, the shorter flight is only just manageable with my two year old.

Not that I’m complaining: as much as I love Europe and its amazing cuisine, you can’t beat Asian street food if you ask me. And you don’t have to travel for 23 hours to find it! After we got back from Hanoi last year I spent a good fortnight tracking down the best bunh cha back here in Auckland. Margaret says that’s because I still can’t say pho.

I enjoy my job; it keeps me stimulated and switched on. But as important as success and stability are to me, I think my main motivation is knowing that each pay cheque is getting us closer to our next trip!

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