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400 Kiwi Achievers

404 Family First

Seperate home owners, conservative and traditional older families, medium spenders and family oriented

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Suburban separate house, well educated married/couples working fulltime, earning average income.

404 Family First

Seperate home owners, conservative and traditional older families, medium spenders and family oriented

  • Population169K
  • % of Population4.5%
  • Household Income$79K

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Family First are one of the largest personas of all—and the closest to the Kiwi norm on matters of lifestyle, opinions and behaviours. The persona encompasses skilled and semi-skilled workers, office workers and labourers, sales reps and branch managers, teachers, police officers and nurses working their full eight hours a day, as well as a significant proportion of retirees. These midlife and older families are split between leaders and followers, conservative and progressive, trendy and trend-ambivalent, success-seekers and comfort-seekers, risk-takers and the risk-averse. Family First are the meat and potatoes of New Zealand’s new middle class.

Walk with Me

I’ve been watching that show The Block, and thinking, I could be on that show! We redid our back area a few months ago and I reckon I’ve got a bit of an eye for it. I found an old cane coffee table in the street on junk day, spray painted it red and it came up a treat … a real feature.

We have two sons, Patrick and Ben. Patrick has finished high school and is now working for our friend Cathy and Bob’s golf club. While we say we’d like him to move out of home, I bet I’ll be sniffing back tears like an idiot when he eventually gets that big city job. We’ll certainly miss him on our regular weekend trips to Mount Maunganui! It’s hard enough that his big bro Ben is already over in Australia, working for a big mining corporation. As for us, John is a police sergeant for the local community, while I’m the second-in-charge at the local rural supplies store. Been with them for over a decade; there’s nothing I haven’t seen in retail!

We’ve probably done well with the house. Spent maybe $50,000 (and countless hours) on the reno — but we would have added triple that to the value.  Craig celebrates every time the interest rates go down; it’s good to have an excuse to go out to a nice restaurant every now and then (instead of the cheap-and-cheerful bistros we usually frequent).

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