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400 Kiwi Achievers

403 Done Good

Mid-life to Older households with children still at home, working full-time and living in rural areas

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Well educated, above average income, fulltime working and confident couples/married.

403 Done Good

Mid-life to Older households with children still at home, working full-time and living in rural areas

  • Population18K
  • % of Population0.5%
  • Household Income$87K

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Mature, married and not big on technology, Done Good individuals are likely to be working as tradies or on farms. While relatively few of them have a degree, many are skilled workers and farm owners, with NCEAs or tech qualifications the norm. A fair few of them are empty nesters.

They like the work they do, but are concerned about the changes they see happening around them: shifting social values, environmental problems, fluctuating interest rates, and rising crime. Sometimes perceived as brash and outspoken, Done Good simply prefer things to stay the same.

Walk with Me

After high school I worked as a building apprentice. Further study was out of question – I’ve never been what you’d call intellectual, and just wanted to get out into the world and get my hands dirty. Being a tradie has taken me to different places all around New Zealand, but I’ve settled down in Paeroa since marrying Emma.

Life with the family is good. My two daughters are halfway through high school , they’re growing up a little too fast for my liking, and are constantly fiddling around on their computers and phones. I really don’t understand what the fuss is about with all this new technology, but whatever keeps them happy I suppose. Life’s so different for young people these days; and not in a good way if you ask me. Mind you, its not just that keeping me awake at night, if I’m not worrying about the girls, it’ll be the latest hike in interest rates, the effects of climate change or some news story about New Zealand’s crime wave.

Aside from the working around the house, I like to head down to the pub for beers now and then. Some of the boys think the only way to prove your Kiwi manhood is with a Speights, but I drink whatever I damn well feel like, thanks. Still, nothing beats watching Super Rugby live with my mates, I suppose.

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