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  • New Zealand

700 Battlers

708 Strugglestreet

Young families and single parents, renting in towns, unemployed and looking after children.

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708 Strugglestreet

Young families and single parents, renting in towns, unemployed and looking after children.

  • Population77K
  • % of Population2.1%
  • Household Income$83K

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As the name suggests, people on Strugglestreet don’t have it easy. Comprised of young singles, young families and single parents on low incomes or government benefits, this segment has a high unemployment rate and a very low socio-economic status.  Most are New Zealand-born and likely to be of Maori descent, very few are tertiary-educated, and those with jobs tend to be in semi-skilled or unskilled positions. Not surprisingly, Strugglestreets worry about the cost of living, healthcare services, and the needs of families.

Walk with Me

Oh yeah – I just got a call from The Edge radio station telling me I’ve won tickets to see The Warriors play in Melbourne! In all these years of entering competitions, this is my biggest win (I got a free pack of Tim Tams once in an Arnott’s promotion, but that’s it). I hope they pay for my accommodation and flight, or I won’t be able to go.

I can barely cover my rent, let alone a return fare from Hamilton and a hotel. The parenting payment doesn’t stretch that far, trust me. With two kids under ten, every day’s a battle between me and my budget. Their dad’s no help — he shot through two years ago.

Danny developed a strange rash yesterday, so I took him to the doctor and he has to see a skin specialist. God knows how much that’ll cost; I bet they don’t do bulk-billing. You’ve gotta be rich to get good medical treatment. Britney needs glasses, but I can’t afford them. So she’s wearing a pair of those magnifying glasses you get at chemists. I feel terrible.

My friend Tanya’s much older than me, about 35, and she says it gets more expensive as your kids get older. And she’s married! What hope do I have? Speaking of Tanya, I owe her a pack of ciggies. When she was over last week, Duke (our dog) stole her smokes and buried them in the garden! He’s a devil, but sooo cute.

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